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Exercise instructor

Eunsun Kim

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BHSc of Physical Therapy in South Korea; Pelvic Alignment Therapy; academy-Advance Course certificate; Esthetician certificate

Eunsun joined our team at Backpro as an exercise instructor. She studied Physical therapy at Korea University for four years and attained in Korea in 2011. After finishing her studies, she started to work as a Physical therapist in a Korean hospital with the role of rehabilitation before and after various surgeries. Her main focus was on the spine and joints. Eunsun studied her patient’ cases daily to expand her knowledge of patients. The majority of patients were very vulnerable, as were patients who underwent surgery or prior surgery. The connection with these patients gave her an opportunity to learn about various patients and their symptoms. 

Eunsun provides exercise instructing service at Backpro Integrated Health Clinic. Eunsun plans to continue her study at New Zealand to expand her skills and knowledge of Physical Therapy gained in Korea.

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