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What is ballet fitness
Ballet + fitness, stretching + strength + aerobic exercise,

It is a new concept compound exercise that maximizes the merits of ballet and fitness with the basic movement and the weight motion of ballet. It is a new concept of fitness that corrects the posture in daily life straightly and combines anatomy movement which increases movement between joints in each motion.

It relieves the unbalance of the pelvis and lower body obesity, and the movement of the pelvis varies greatly according to the legs and direction of the ballet, the leg position, and helps the lymphatic circulation of the pelvis which usually does not move. There is also a dieting effect that allows you to balance your pelvis with a proper balance to break down fat in the lower and upper abdomen.

It gives a great effect on the pelvis correction that is deformed with the spine. It strengthens the spine and the waist to balance the upper body. It keeps the spine straight. During the ballet fitness session, the important muscles are kept taut, creating the right posture and a balanced body.

Backpro Clinic is designed for people who are living in a static posture for a long time and who need relief from stress and fatigue for those who are suffering from pain and a lot of muscles because of their usual twisted postures. We offer a variety of lessons aimed at high-quality classes.

– Bone length, muscle and cartilage, ligament length growth
– The effect that height increases
– Increased flexibility
– Effects that make muscles and bones strong
– Stimulation of growth plate
– Body Balance

BeautyFit (Beauty Fit)
– Lower clavicle, shoulder line
– Long neckline, thin palinda
– Constricted waist line
– Hip line
– Elastic bridge line
– Diet effect
– Confidence charging for beauty

– Straight spine & correct posture
– Solid waist muscles
– Pelvic strengthening exercise
– Making straight legs

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