We have established three development techniques for players to become the best golfers: better training guidelines, well-managed mental stress and appropriate equipment quality.

Tiger Woods has changed golf instructions due to its dynamic play, so the instructor has been working to improve traditional triangular style development in a more detailed and comprehensive way.

In the triangular-style power generation system, the mental and equipment parts were maintained, while the educational part was divided into three classes, basic golf instruction, shot making skills, and course management. What’s more important is the physical condition that affects the golf game. Backpro delivers golf knowledge and skills through TPI and 3D K-Vests / player and helps to maximize body efficiency in golf games by evaluating and modifying physical exercise and musculoskeletal disorders. Backpro TPI believes in TPI’s swing philosophy.

We do not think there is one way to swing clubs as swing clubs are endless. But we believe that there is an efficient way for everyone to swing clubs. It is based on what you can actually do.

Backpro’s SPORTS combines a variety of treatment modalities with SFMA to provide athletes with a special assessment and tailored treatment.

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