Always working to get you back to good health as quickly as possible, and if that’s not happening we will bring in our colleagues for second opinions or refer on to the appropriate specialist.

Vladimir Lenin, the patient

My osteopath provided a very specific detail that caused my long term shoulder and hip pain. Since I found out the cause, now my posture has improved so much and pain has gone. I would recommend Mr. Kim to anyone who has a similar pain

ByungKyu Kang, Student

I had postoperative blinking and jaw issues. I had osteopathic treatment and now am able to close my eye tightly. Every time he gave me specific explanation about the current condition and appropriate treatment. It made me feel very reliable and safe.

Sukho Kim, Student

Backpro customised treatment has allowed me to continually participate and involve my self in my hobbies and daily life, while also knowing that I am not further exacerbating my condition. They realised me as a person with a life and hobbies and took that into account when treating me, not just asking me to stop all hobbies. Each practitioner is very skilled, full of knowledge and are more than willing to share their vast pockets of advice and wisdom.

Jichang Hwang

I had problems with pelvic bone and back muscles and he kindly explained why I felt the pain. Also he gave me some tips to maintain the right posture. Highly recommended.

Rachel Ma, University Student

I have been here just few times but it actually helped me a lot. If anyone has any problem, Backpro will sort out everything. Highly recommended.

Jiseong Son

It is my first time having treatment with an Osteopathic. I consider it very good for my body and posture. I appreciate very much for all staff and my Osteopathic practitioner. Thanks a lot.

Jerry Kim

I came to Backpro with back/neck pain and after a couple of treatments I could feel it was getting so much better. I am really pleased with the result and recommend Backpro to anyone

Kevin Cho

I came to Backpro because I had back pain and worried about it because it was my first time to have Osteopath treatment in my life and it was an amazing experience.

My back is getting much better than before and the staff are very friendly and nice!

Heeran Roh, Student

My first experience at the Backpro Clinic was satisfying. Kind staff and good care to facilitate the improvement of my injury, so I decided to come back when I had another injury. I recommend trying Backpro Clinic.


Great customer service along with great professional service too. Positive experience with good results.

Would like to recommend and will come back too for future needs regarding my health.

Gurpreet Singh

Every time I come to Backpro Clinic, every practitioner and reception staff are kind to me. Since my treatment, my condition has got much better. Thank you every one of you from Backpro!

Meixian Piao, Patient

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