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M.Ost, PostGrad. WMA, B. AppSci. HumanBio, B. Pharmacol, BSc. OCNZ & ACC Registered TPI and SFMA certified practitioner

Chulhwan is a registered Osteopathic practitioner having completed five years of the Bachelor and Master degree in New Zealand. In his former career, he was an electronic engineer assisting development of robotic feet for amputees / infrared devices in Korean Air Force and a pharmacologist working in a hospital setting. He wrote health editorials on newspapers and magazines. He is also fully qualified in Western Medical Acupuncture in addition to his multidisciplinary qualifications. He completed a Infant, Child and Youth health course which enables him to apply his unique treatment modality from infant to adult. As a part of his continuous self development, chulhwan completed certificate courses on a medical imaging anatomy and x ray interpretation of upper limb injuries to understand his patients in depth.

His unique professional and holistic approach to healthcare enables the treatment of the true causes of pain rather than just the symptoms, bringing in longer lasting results. His unique approach also ensures that every treatment is carefully tailored, offering healthy solutions that allow patients to engage in a life free of restriction and pain. Chulhwan has completed extra training in treating visceral. Visceral complaints like reflux, constipation, IBS, period pain and asthma are therefore a facet of his significant interests.

Chulhwan continues to progress his passion for personal development by studying several extra postgraduate studies in healthcare. He also continues training martial arts and hold several martial arts master certificates.

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